Saturday, July 11, 2009

London 2009

We took the train from Paris on Monday, and walked into Maze for a fantastic first London meal. On Tuesday, we walked to Shepards Market and ate lunch at Al Hamra. Very nice! We cancelled dinner plans at Avenue and ate Browns, because of a major thunderstorm. The doorman said that he'd never seen it rain that hard. It passed in time for us to make it to Billy Elliot, which was enjoyable, but not memorable.

Wednesday we had lunch at Arbutus, which was great, and dinner at Quo Vadis, which was very good. We ended p at Quo Vadis, because we couldn't find Barrafina, which was our first choice. No harm done! We saw Arcadia as a matinee, and Jersey Boys. I must say that Arcadia remains one of my favorite all timers. Jersey Boys was just OK.

Thursday we walked into lunch at L'Atelier du Joel Bobuchon, and had a great, great experience. That night we found and ate at Barrafina, which was very nice, and much less expensive! We saw A Little Night Music, which was good, and my second favorite play this trip.

Friday we ate at the unforgettable The Landau in the amazing Langham hotel right across from BBC studios. We were so stuffed from lunch that we skipped dinner and went straight to the, wait for it, wait for it, Lion King! What were we thinking? During the intermission, I texted WTF? to Sheri, because I was too stunned to speak. Afterwards, I attempted to kill myself with a blunt knife, but survived to live another day. I took the edge off with two Martinis at Avenue.

Today is our last full day in London. Time flies.

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