Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awards add up for Stanford women

Wow! Jane Appel is named player of the year for the Pac-10. Tara is named coach of the year. Jillian and Jeanette make the second team. Kayla makes third team, and Nekka makes the freshman team.

I think I will understand, if Stanford is not a 1 seed. UConn is UConn. Gotta go with the Sooners and Terps too. That leaves Stanford butting heads with Duke (just as they did last year with Maryland.) Duke flat out has more quality wins than Stanford does, but I fully expect Stanford will beat Duke on a neutral court, if they play again. I'm hoping they do!

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  1. Go Cardinal! I'm so happy to see the team and Tara get this recognition!! They've really worked hard and improved this year, and they're not done by a long shot.